Adopt a Green Highway Program

Highways are acknowledged as the growth engine of economic development and in India, we have over one lakh kilometers of road network as the national highways. The fact that National Highways account for only 2% of the Indian road network but still carries 40% of the automobile traffic signifies its importance in the economy of the country. Clearance of forest and tree felling activities are inevitable consequences of Highways development which result in large scale environmental degradation in the form of biodiversity loss and release of carbon stocked in trees. The situation becomes critical with incessant movement of vehicles contributing further in release of green house gases and other suspended particulate matter.

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Adopt a Green Highway Program

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Adoption under CSR Policy:
  • By providing funds to NGHM
  • By undertaking plantation on their own or through an NGHM empaneled agency
Adoption under PPP model

Adoption by Individuals with Tax benefits